Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Video of the Week [2/1/12]: The Joy of Books

This week's Photo/Video of the week will actually be a video. The past couple weeks, I've been focusing on photos that I've taken. But I came across another YouTube video recently that I just have to share. Since I'm a writer and a book lover, I loved this video, and I'm sure you will too.

Here is this week's Video of the Week:

(Source: Mediabistro)

The people that posted this video, they did it as a sort of sequel to their "Organizing the Bookcase" video from last year, which I remember watching some time after it was posted.

Imagine the time it would've taken to set this whole thing up? I would love to see other book outlets do this sort of thing, whether it's bookstores (both big chain and independent) or libraries or whatnot. What if a big chain store like Barnes & Noble did stunts like this to try to create buzz and get more sales? It wouldn't hurt to try it, right? Same with indie stores.

And with libraries, it would be a great way to get more people to go to their local library. They could get the assistance of their customers to help set it up and execute it. It'd be a fabulous community and coming together project.

I hope that the people who did this video continue doing more, because I absolutely loved it!

What'd you think of the video? Had you seen it before? And is there a similar one like it that you'd want to share with us?

If there's a fantastic video or photo you've taken or seen recently, send it to me via Twitter or e-mail, and I might share it on this blog.

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