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Recommendations of the Week: Super Bowl (But Not For the Game)

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It's time for another of my Recommendations of the Week. These recommendations can be something that happened in the past week that I read, watched, participated in, etc., or something coming up in the following week. Feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comments section below.

Jeff Dodge's Recommendations of the Week [2/5-2/11]:

TV Shows:
Super Bowl (Sunday, NBC)
Smash Premiere (Monday, 10-11pm, NBC)

Unless you're from some indigenous tribe, you know that the Super Bowl is today! Giants vs. Patriots! And you know what? I could care less. I mean, really. I've never really understood the fascination with it. But since this game is the most hyped game of the year every year, I do pay attention somewhat. But I don't really watch the game itself. I watch the start when they do the National Anthem and the kick-off. Then I'm done. I come back for the half-time show, and I'm gone again. Then I come back towards the end to see who wins. And when it comes to the commercials, I usually watch them online.

So to put it simply, I recommend the Super Bowl, but not for the game, if that makes any sense. I'm particularly excited for this year because Kelly Clarkson will perform the national anthem, and Madonna's doing the half-time show. Also, if any of you watch the pre-game show, the second trailer for next month's The Hunger Games will be airing. And speaking of the commercials, if you recall, one of the prizes for winning The X Factor was to star in Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial. Melanie Amaro is our much-deserved winner. The commercial is already online, but still tune in to see it whenever it airs on TV.

On the TV front, I'm also recommending the series premiere of NBC's much-promoted and much-buzzed about new show, Smash. The pilot has already been available online and On Demand for a while, and I gave it a very positive review two weeks ago. I've seen it twice already, and I will definitely watch it again when it makes its primetime debut. I can't say this enough: I urge you to watch this show. If the pilot is anything to go by, this show is going to be off-the-wall brilliant.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (Saturday, February 11)

The latest Twilight film makes its way to stores on DVD and Blu-ray on Saturday. I'll be buying it. I don't know if I'm buying it right away, but I will get around to it eventually. As we know, the Twilight series (both the books and the films) haven't been well-received outside of the fanbase. And I'm more of a realist fan, because I understand why people criticize it. But I can still enjoy it, nonetheless. And all that hate even seeped its way into the fanbase when Breaking Dawn the book was released; it was widely criticized by fans alike. So I was very interested to see how they would turn it into a movie. As a fan, Part 1 was not that bad, actually. For it only showing the first half of the book, the pacing was quite good. And the birth scene at the end was very disturbing. Now that we've gotten past this one, my worry is Part 2. Now that the birth has happened, there's not much left to do. I don't really know how they're going to stretch it out into two hours. We've have to wait until November for that, but Part 1 is on DVD and Blu-ray this Saturday.

Colorado Caucus (Tuesday)
Minnesota Caucus (Tuesday)
Maine Caucus (Saturday)

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