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American Idol 11 Premiere: The Best from Savannah/Pittsburgh Auditions

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If you have followed me before over at the TV Watch Online BLOG, you will know that every year I do Idol-Talk, where I give my commentary on every episode of American Idol. And I have done this with America's Got Talent as well. Over the course of last summer and fall, I did the same thing for both America's Got Talent and The X Factor, but this time over at the former

Now that American Idol has started up again, I'm back. But this time, things will be different. I am thoroughly exhausted from covering these talent shows all year long last year. American Idol from mid-January to the end of May. A week later, America's Got Talent starts up and runs through mid-September. A week after that, The X Factor begins and runs through into December. This past month has been the only month that I've had off from doing these recaps/reviews.

I'm being serious when I say I was exhausted once X Factor ended; I enjoyed the show, but it wore me out. And when American Idol was almost here again, I'm being truthful when I say I wasn't really looking forward to it. But once I started watching the premiere this week, we were barely into the first hour and I was hooked right back in. They know how to get you, don't they?

I've never really enjoyed recapping the early episodes because it's hard to write down everything when many of the auditions go by so fast. That's why I prefer the live rounds when I can take my time and write some comments after each performance during the commercial break.

So that's what I'm gong to do. I will not be doing my full-blown Idol recaps/reviews until the live shows start up. But that doesn't mean I won't be sharing my thoughts on these auditions. No, no, no. On this blog, I will be taking a little bit of time each week to sharing a list of my favorites and the best singers from the auditions. So here they are...

American Idol 11 Premiere: Savannah Auditions
Air Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 [8-10pm]

Audition City: Savannah, GA

David Leathers, Jr. (17) - "Remember the Rain" / "Never Can Say Goodbye"
  He looks 13, and has a higher pitch voice reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson.

Elise Testone
  She has an old-soul sound, though her audition went by a little too fast.

Amy Brumfeld - "Super Woman"
  She lives in a tent in the woods.

Stephanie Renae - Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven"
  She reminds me of both Carrie Underwood and Lauren Alaina. She does need to open her mouth more when singing, though.

*Schyler Dixon
Colton Dixon - David Cook's "Permanent"
  Brother/Sister. They both auditioned last year. This time around, only she is auditioning, but he is there to support her. After she auditions, the judges ask Colton to audition. She's got something in her voice I like; he's got a good voice, too. The judges majorly broke the rules because he didn't register; he should be automatically disqualified. Unless the producers set this whole thing up; if so, it sounds more like something Simon Cowell would do on The X Factor.

42 went through to Hollywood.

American Idol 11: Pittsburgh Auditions
Air Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012 [8-9pm]

Audition City: Pittsburgh, PA

Creighton Fraker
  I'm really intrigued by him, but I don't know what to think either way.

Erika Van Pelt
  She sings at weddings.

Hallie Day - "I Will Survive"
  When younger, she attempted suicide.

38 went through to Hollywood.

These Idol posts won't be as long in the future. I just had to set everything up for what's to come. And by the way, once I start doing my regular Idol recaps/reviews, I might be doing them not on the T.W.O. BLOG or here, but on a different website - more details to follow.

Tomorrow (Sunday, January 22), my latest Recommendations of the Week will be online.

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