Thursday, July 25, 2013

RIP Rosie (1997-2013)

(Photo Source: Jeff Dodge)
Yesterday, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, after 16 and a half years with her, we put our family dog Rosie to sleep.

In recent years, her old age had definitely caught up with her--hard of hearing, back legs not working as well, etc. And the past several weeks, she definitely took a turn for the worse, losing a bunch of weight to the point where she was just skin and bones, not eating food very often, having a hard time going up stairs, back legs continuing to worsen, etc.

With seeing her like that, the best option would have been for her to pass away in her sleep, but of course that didn't happen--the better of the bad options never seem to pan out in these situations. My parents and I were in the room at the vet when she was put down.

I don't share my personal life all that often on here--I mainly use this blog to post opinions and reviews and such. But Rosie has been with us for about 2/3 of my life--a difficult moment like what we went through yesterday is always hard, and it makes it even harder when she's been with me for the latter half of elementary school, and all through middle school, high school, college and the past two years since graduating.

She was born January 26, 1997--I have always loved that she shares the same birthday as my favorite comedian/celebrity of all time, Ellen DeGeneres, an animal lover herself. (Speaking of celebrities, we actually named her after Rosie O'Donnell, and her full name is Rosie O'Dodge--adding part of O'Donnell's last name to ours.)

We got her on Easter of that same year, at only two months old. We took her to my grandparents' house that day for the family gathering, and ever since, she's been the center of our world. We've been through ups and downs with her, she's the only dog I've ever had and we can look back on the past 16 and a half years and cherish all these amazing memories.

JANUARY 26, 1997-JULY 24, 2013

Christmas was one of the best times because after opening presents, we would crumple the wrapping paper into balls and throw them across the room--Rosie would go after it and tear it to shreds.
We also used to have a cat named Amanda--a rare moment with them together.

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