Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photos: 'Graceland' Set Visit

(Photo Source: USA Network)
If you follow me on Twitter or have read through my recent Article Archive posts, you might know that I had the opportunity earlier this year to visit the set of two TV shows: USA Network's Graceland and A&E's The Glades. Since both are airing their respective seasons on TV at the moment, I thought I would share some photos I took while on the set visit.

For Graceland, besides interviewing the cast, we got to go on location where they were filming a scene at the parking lot and got to tour the set of the "beachfront mansion" where the agents live. (My camera wasn't working all that well, so some of these may be a bit blurry.)

Graceland, February 21, 2013
(All photos courtesy of Jeff Dodge)

Aaron Tveit (Mike Warren) and Daniel Sunjata (Paul Briggs) in the back of a car
What we're seeing on the monitors is being filmed right outside the door
There's the red car they're filming in
Graceland films in Florida but is set in California -- this map shows all the locations where different scenes are located at in California
The pictures surrounding the map show the locations they're filming at
The prep schedule shows everything that's happening on filming days
Within the story, this floor is upstairs, but since this is a set...
...there's nothing there when you look down the balcony
A workstation
A bedroom
Another bedroom
Looking down the stairs that lead to nowhere...
...the rest of the stairs (all on the same floor of the set)
The bathroom...not too shabby, right?
A bathtub and a balcony
Out on the balcony -- and the fake ocean backdrop
Balconies and fake ocean as far as the eye can see
I like looking closely at the amount of detail they put into accessories.
I watched episode 2 recently and got excited when I saw this fireplace -- I guess things like that happen when you've seen everything in person.
Another bedroom
The kitchen
Why would I take a picture of the dishes? Because I love seeing  how they make the place actually look like people are living there.
Foosball out on the balcony
The living room
The dinner table
A workstation
If you watched the pilot, this is the room where one of them spoke on the phone in a different language. Each of these phones is meant for a different language.
A subject's criminal record
Pictures of fake scars and injuries for when they need to go undercover -- I remember seeing this in the background in episode 2.
And take a look at my set visit articles for BuddyTV, which includes interview with the cast:
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Have you been watching Graceland? What do you think of season 1 so far?

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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