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Jeff Dodge's Article Archive -- March 25-28, 2013

March 25-28, 2013

'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Performance Rankings [Slideshow]
Ranking the best and worst performances from week 2 of Dancing with the Stars season 16.

'Idol' Roundup: Smokey Robinson to Mentor Motown Week
The Top 8 are receiving some legendary help with their performances this week in the from of Smokey Robinson. Also in today's Roundup, both Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood are set to return to American Idol over the next two weeks to perform -- read on to find out which band the Smash star is performing with. The music video for David Archuleta's single has been released, presented in a very intriguing style. And Casey Abrams' Idol appearance is doing wonders for his album sales....

'American Idol' Top 8 Predictions: Will Devin or Lazaro Head Home Tonight?
The Music of Motor City brought out some standout performances (particularly from Janelle Arthur), a legend (Smokey Robinson) and a major trainwreck (Lazaro Arbos). Some of the big questions to ponder as we head into tonight's results show: did Lazaro do enough damage to himself that he can't recover from? Were last night's performances just a technicality as everyone already knew Devin would be the next to go? And even though she's one of the frontrunners, does Angie Miller have a big enough fan base to keep her out of the Bottom 3? Let's take a look at everyone's chances...

Demi Lovato Returning for 'The X Factor' Season 3
If there's one judge most everyone wanted to see return to The X Factor, it was Demi Lovato, who often sparred with Simon Cowell throughout most of season 2. It was announced today that the 20-year-old pop singer will be returning for season 3.

Buddy Bites: Taylor Swift to Cause Trouble on 'New Girl' Finale
When New Girl airs its season 2 finale on May 14, not only will there be a wedding, but country music superstar is stopping by to cause some trouble. Will it be anything like when she allegedly crashed a wedding last summer with her then-boyfriend Conor Kennedy? Also, Once Upon a Time will be taking a few weeks off. But before it returns, ABC is set to air a recap special that'll also include teasers for the rest of season 2. And NBC is planning a spin-off for one of their freshman shows, Chicago Fire.

The BizzNiz -- American Idol Recaps:
'American Idol' 12 Recap: Top 8 Perform
It's Motown week, everyone! Well, not 100% Motown, but close enough. Since the official theme title is "The Music of Motor City," the songs are, more broadly, by artists from Detroit. And what better person to mentor Motown week than Smokey Robinson, who turns out to be a very good mentor. He doesn't phone it in like a lot have done in the past, instead giving great advice....

'American Idol' 12 Recap: Top 8 Results
American Idol has been on for over a decade, and we've now reached the show's 450th episode! So how will they celebrate? Well, they don't, really. Instead, it's just like any other results show...

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